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Versailles Inspires a Paris Train

Posted July 11, 2012 by

A commuter train in Paris has been redesigned to resemble rooms in the royal Palace of Versailles. You can experience it yourself if you are fortunate enough to visit the Palace of Versailles with one of our guided tours.  Your guide will escort you from Paris, directly to the Palace on the RER C line, where this dramatic train journeys.

Every inch of the train cars are dramatically designed, from the intricate paintings to the sculptures that line the aisles of the train to the painted ceilings. You can witness the Hall of Mirrors, a royal library and even bits of Marie Antoinette's home on your train ride.  What a great way to get your tour of Versailles started.

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Below are just a few photos of the enchanting train cars, courtesy of our friends at the DailyMail. You can also book your own Versailles touring experience with Aeon by clicking here.

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