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Paris Neighborhood Spotlight: The 7th Arrondissement

Posted April 11, 2014 by

Paris is a city defined by its neighborhoods, also known as arrondissements. They start in the very center of Paris, and spiral out clockwise from the 1st (where the Louvre is) to the 20th (home to the Pà¨re-Lachaise cemetery). This marks the first in our series of “Paris Neighborhood Spotlight” posts, where we hope you gain some insider information and expertise you can explore like a Parisian local.

Today, we are going to spotlight the 7th arrondissement, one of the most famous (and expensive) neighborhoods in all of Paris. Fortunately, you can explore the glitz and glamour without having to buy a 2 million euro flat in the area.

Here are a few highlights to visit when you head to the 7th arr:

Eiffel Tower

Nary a visitor to Paris can resist visiting one of the world’s most treasured landmarks. Be sure to arrive early, or late, or with a pre-arranged entry time to minimize your wait time as queues can get outlandish at the tower.

Rue Cler

A famous Parisian open-air market where you can purchase some of the 400 gourmet French cheeses, fish, and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Certainly a can’t miss, truly local market experience. Don’t forget to greet the shop owners, as a “Bonjour Madame” is quite customary in France.

Rodin Musée

Dedicated to its namesake, Rodin, and his legendary sculptures and life, this museum is stunning. Pay special attention if you go on a day with lovely weather, as the museum’s huge windows are often open and allow a wonderful indoor/outdoor touring experience.
Entry fee: €5, Phone: +33 1 44 18 61 10

d'Orsay Musée

Home to impressionist, post-impressionist and even some more modern works, the d’Orsay’s collection is second only to the Louvre’s. There are collections my Renoir, Van Gogh, and Monet. While the impressionist collection is their most famous, the museum houses a number of unforgettable works.
Entry fee: €9, Phone: +33 1 06 91 09 45

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