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Paris Catacombs Are Open Again

Posted January 19, 2010 by

Paris Catacombs

Closed since early September 2009, the Paris Catacombs are once again open to the public. Initially, the Catacombs had been closed indefinitely by the Parisian municipality as they had been vandalized with bones being scattered everywhere. The spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office in Paris had said that the scattered remains were a hazard to visitors. On December 10, 2009, the city decided to reopen the Catacombs so that their rich history might again be experienced by visitors.

The burial ground for more than 6 million Parisians, the Catacombs are one of Paris’ most legendary sites. Part of an intricate network of tunnels underneath the city, the Catacombs are visited by almost 300,000 people each year. You can visit the Catacombs of Paris with one of our Private Tours of the city. Simply enter Paris Catacombs Tour in the space provided when booking!

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