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New Versailles Tour Announced

Posted February 22, 2010 by

Versailles Tour

Aeon Tours is proud to announce that our touring partnership with the Palace of Versailles has been a huge success. Recently, the team at Aeon had been hard at work partnering with Versailles so that our guests can gain elite entry into the Palace of Versailles and skip the long entrance lines.

All of our hard work paid off and we've been granted partner-status which allows each of our groups to enter the palace through priority entrance, by specific appointment. Extremely convenient for those touring Versailles, it allows one to schedule their entry into the famed Palace, and not wait in the long entrance line. With busy season fast approaching, and entry lines often up to 2 hours long, this is invaluable to our time-conscious travelers.

Aeon's Versailles Tour allows our guests to explore the Palace and the legendary gardens while getting a firsthand view into French royal history and the home of such luminaries as Marie Antoine King Louis XIV.

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