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How to Plan an Unforgettable Private Paris Tour

Posted June 7, 2015 by

So you've decided to take a private tour in Paris. Great! Maybe you're well-traveled enough to know what you like, or you've already seen the major attractions.

Planning a custom itinerary can be overwhelming. That's why Aeon has experienced tour planners to take care of the legwork. Here are five tips directly from our tour planners:

Tip #1: Do one thing you love

Ballet dancers in Paris

Maybe you love ballet, knitting, or salsa dancing - tell your planner everything so they can make informed recommendations.

Remember, your Paris doesn't have to be the Paris in guide books! Doing one thing you love in a different atmosphere will give you a deeper appreciation for all that Paris has to offer.

Tip #2: Do one thing that makes you uncomfortable

Ribbon dancers in Paris

We don't mean doing something that conflicts with your values or beliefs. Doing something that you would never do at home is one way to make your private tour memorable.

Let your planner know you're open to one unusual experience — you'll be surprised with the variety of options they come back with.

Tip #3: Build in downtime

Sitting on a bench in Paris

Your tour guide — bless them — will be an effervescent ball of energy, but you'll need time in between activities to recharge.

There is no "normal", so let your planner know your typical energy level. Your tour planner can build in breaks every two hours, one hour, or more frequently, depending on your preference.

Tip #4: Be flexible in the face of bad weather

Rain outside a cafe in Paris

Bad weather is actually a great time to have a private guide! Big tours have a hard time changing their itineraries, but a private guide can alter your schedule at a moment’s notice, and will have ideas for making the most of your time. You might end up seeing something fascinating you otherwise would have missed.

Tip #5: Break the bubble

Group of people in a restaurant in Paris

A tour group is a safe place, and your English-speaking guide is master and commander of your earnestly-planned itinerary. It can be tempting to stay inside the bubble.

Making an effort to talk to strangers — a shopkeeper, a waiter, a friendly cheesemonger — will make all the difference. Luckily, your French-speaking guide will be there to smooth over any linguistic misunderstandings!

We’d love to plan your next offbeat adventure in Paris! Book your private Paris tour

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