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Getting Around Paris: Bikes, Cars and... Scooters?

Posted September 22, 2014 by

Have you dreamed of weaving through Paris' streets on a scooter, embracing a momentary oh-so-Parisien experience? Keep an eye out for Scootlib’, the next city-sponsored option for commuting residents and adventurous travelers.


The Scootlib’ plan includes 700 stations, between 3,000-7,000 scooters, and a cost of 3-10€ per hour in addition to a monthly subscription. Helmets will be included and you can reserve your scooter online.

Scootlib’ has some obstacles to overcome: charging and hygiene. The scooters would need to be recharged for approximately 3 hours every 40-90km. The helmets would need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

While Scootlib’ hasn't been approved yet, you can still turn to one of the other two alternative transportation options offered by the city: Vélib’ bikes and Autolib’ car. These programs are meant to encourage residents to abandon individually owned vehicles, helping to relieve the city's tight parking situation.

Vélib’ offers over 20,000 bikes across the city. You will need a ticket or subscription to use a bike, then the first 30 minutes of your ride are free. Pay 1€ for another 30 minutes (1 hour ride), then 2€ for an additional 30 minutes (1.5 hour ride). Every additional 30 minutes after 1.5 hours will cost 4€. Tickets are available for 1 day (1.7€) or 7 days (8€). Subscriptions are 29€/year.

To use Autolib’, you will need an international or European driver's license and passport or national identity card. Costs 9€/half hour. Subscription rates are 10€/week and 7€/half hour or 25€/year and 6.5€/half hour.

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